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Airtightness is the process of eliminating all draughts, gaps and air leaks from a building for the purpose of reaching passive home status. This is achieved through the use of airtight membranes, sealants and tapes along with the expertise of professionals who have been working in the passive home sector since its inception.
Airtightness in Passive Homes UK
Passive Home Systems Ltd. has been in operation since 2008 and has a wealth of experience in the airtightness sector. Our goal has always been to provide our customers and clients with the very best, innovative solutions for an energy efficient, airtight home.

When we speak of airtightness, we do so with the interior of the building in mind. The inside of the building is effectively enveloped in an airtight membrane that is sealed to ensure there are no gaps or spaces where air/heat can be lost. Passive House Systems offer a full range of products to achieve this outcome, some of which are listed below:
Airtight Products and Breathable Vapour Barriers
Membranes: A full range of airtight membranes that control vapour and airtightness in passive homes. Choose from our own range of products, specifically designed for the passive home or from the renowned Gerband range.

Tapes: Airtight window tape, membrane tape joining tape expanding foam tape and aluminium foil tape. Airtight, durable tapes to suit every application and ensure the efficiency of your passive home.

Sealants: Airtight sealants for the bonding of all construction components. Single-sided, easy to use application with superior weather resistance properties.

Primers: Substrate primers for the preparation of surfaces prior to tape application. Superior primers with proven results.

Window Sealing: Flexible, durable window sealing products for enhanced airtightness and moisture control. Choose from sealing tapes, sealants, insulation boards and spray foams.

Penetration Sealing: Downlight hoods, service grommets and airtight penetration sealing products. Penetration sealing is vitally important to ensure fire and smoke spread within the home.

Access Hatches: Airtight, insulated access hatches for easy access to small storage spaces in your passive home.

Insulated/Sealed Attic Stairs: Fully airtight, insulated attic stairs and access hatches for the modern passive home.
Condensation Control Solutions UK
Passive Home Systems specialises in the manufacture of airtightness products and condensation control solutions for passive and energy efficient homes across the UK and Ireland. We offer a full range of superior products that will allow you to feel confident in your choices. Should you wish to see the quality of these products prior to purchase, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, and we will be happy to send you a sample pack. Our installation experts are also on hand to provide you with a full range of airtight services.

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