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Passive house is a growing trend in energy-efficient construction, which has been gaining more and more popularity. This innovative concept is focused around the idea of eco-friendly buildings, providing maximum energy saving. Passive houses can considerably reduce heat loss, thanks to its excellent and reliable insulation. What is more, their sealing accessories and systems provide healthy indoor climate, cleaner air and comfortable living conditions.

The company’s mission is to develop and promote this trend. That is why for over ten years we’ve been providing reliable sealing products and accessories, along with air-tight and wind-tight systems for modern architecture and for renovations of old buildings. Our distribution covers countries like Ireland, UK and Poland. A big part of our business is focused around the continuous improvement of our construction materials, sealing products and accessories range , so that we can offer the highest possible level of hermeticity, wind-resistance and vapour control.

We provide a wide choice of products like tapes, membranes, primers and sealants, as well as energy saving inspection doors and loft stairs. Our offer includes advanced, reliable systems and accessories from a renowned German manufacturer – Gerband. The use of efficient sealing and wind-tight products enhances and optimises the sustainability of the building. Additional benefits of proper airtightness and wind tightness include heating cost savings and all-weather protection.

Our company also provides installer training sessions, during which participants have the opportunity to gain knowledge on the use of insulation and hermeticity in architecture and construction. We encourage all our website visitors to browse through our full range of innovative products and systems for passive houses. In case of any questions or doubts (pertaining to e.g. ventilation or wind protection accessories) our clients can always count on the help of our qualified and experienced specialists.