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About Us 

We at Passive House Systems have been involved in a range of products and services for improving the energy performance in new-builds and existing houses since 2008.

With engineering, procurement, sales and logistical bases in Ireland, UK, Germany and Poland we are well placed to provide leading product technologies and supporting services.

To compliment the excellent products we supply, we offer the following services to support the successful product system design, product selection, installation and, where applicable, maintenance.



At Passive House Systems, we are involved in Airtightness, Wind Tightness in new build and renovations since 2008. We provide a range of airtightness products, including airtightness tapes, membranes and sealants. Our products are European manufactured and are designed to achieve really high levels of air & wind tightness in buildings, while also providing you with a barrier against condensation and mould growth.

Our engineering and design team can help you design a system which helps you save on your energy bill, protect your home and ensure you are meeting current building regulation requirements. Our products are stocked in leading building merchants throughout Ireland. Get in touch with our team to find your nearest stockist. 

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 At Passive House Systems, we offer a wide range of Heat Recovery Ventilation units (HRV), Mechanical Extract Units (MEV) and Demand Control Ventilation units (DCV), along with all the components you will need to complete your system.

Over the past decade there has been an increased demand on builders, architects and engineers to improve the thermal efficiency of our homes. Making them draught free and well insulated. This could lead to poor air quality and can significantly increase the effects of asthma and other respiratory problems, condensation, mould growth, unpleasant smells and a build-up of toxic gases.

Our products are designed to create a proper air circulation, and thus improve indoor living conditions. An efficient and reliable ventilation system can enhance the quality of air, reducing the number of spores, pollen and humidity. Such a solution is therefore vital in rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. It also prevents mould growth on walls, floors and ceilings. All of these factors contribute to the creation of comfortable and healthy indoor climate. Thanks to clean and fresh ambient air residents can avoid headaches, allergies or problems with asthma.

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Renewable Energy Product Datasheets


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2d Airtightness Application Drawings

2d Drawings

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3d Airtightness Application Drawings

3d Drawings

View 3d application images of our airtightness products.

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Request a Sample Pack

At Passive House Systems we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality that we provide. 

Through our extensive research and development we have developed a wide range of Airtightness and Weathertight membranes, tapes and sealants. 

If you would like to see our range of products and feel the quality for yourself, contact our team and we can arrange for a sample pack to be sent to you.

Our Passive House Systems Sample Packs consists of :

  • PHS Sample Booklet
  • PHS Airtightness Brochure
  • Passive House Systems USB Stick
  • Passive House Systems  Pen


Single Room Ventilation 

The Perfect Retrofit Solution

A considerable number of older housing performs poorly, when compared to the current building standards. Many homeowners are choosing to carry out multiple energy upgrades, in the process of deep retrofitting.

Through this process, the housing envelope becomes increasingly airtight. There is a greater need to extract stale air and supply fresh air throughout the house. Single Room Heat Recovery can provide an effective solution as they are designed for one room installation preventing you from having to run ducting throughout your whole house. 

Single room heat recovery units can also be installed in specific room in your house where you are experience condensation issues or poor airflow, providing you with a cost effective, easy to install ventilation solution



Single room Heat recovery ventilation

Airtightness Installers

Airtightness installation

At Passive House Systems, we work with a number of verified and trained airtightness installers, to ensure the highest quality installation.

Our installers are trained by Passive House Systems to correctly assess a buildings airtightness requirements. After an initial site inspection our installers will factor the specific requirements ans identify and use the correct product types.

Quality installation is of paramount importance to performance of our products. With this in mind, we work with installers who we regularly and randomly test the workmanship, leading to our ability to give you a quality tradesman referral.

Get in touch with us, if you would like to be referred to one of our approved airtightness installers.

Also, if you would like to work with as an airtightness installers, please get in touch.

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Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

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Passive House Institute Certification

Passive House Institute Certification

We are extremely proud to announce that our products have been recently certified by Passive House Institute in Darmstadt!  



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