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Understanding Airtight Membranes

There are a lot of products out there and it’s critical to choose the right one at the right price, especially now that material costs have ballooned.Let’s quickly go over some of the foundational aspects of airtightness and what materials are used in airtight residential builds. Airtightness involves creating an airtight barrier around the house to prevent cold air from entering and warm air from leaving.

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Our Gerband 586 Tape

We have some exciting news to share this week! One of our best-selling airtightness products has got the new looks: our Gerband 586 tape has

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Breath in with PHS!

Dear readers, Breathe in…and let the reading begin! Did you know that the verb ‘ventilate’ has been recorded in English in early 15th century? This

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50 year Durability Certificate

Leading airtightness manufacturer Gerband has received 50-year durability certification. Gerband won it from the University of Kassel in Germany for three of its premier airtightness

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Airtightness Tapes

You can create an efficient airtight design, using airtightness tapes. Many building materials are airtight such as concrete, good quality OSB, plaster, and vapour control layers.

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Airtightness Testing

Airtightness testing is a vital step if planning to achieve an effective air permeability. Airtightness testing is required under technical guidance document part: L and

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Window Insulation Tapes

Using Window Insulation Tapes and achieving a continuous and efficient airtight layer is only half the battle. Thermal bypass (commonly known as wind-washing) can have

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Airtightness Training Course

Passive House Systems (Registered as Training Providers with Engineers Ireland) are delighted to announce that our Airtightness Training Course now offers structured CIRI CPD. Our

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Moisture in buildings

Moisture complications can be overcome by airtightness, they have been the death of numerous structures, prominent to expensive destruction and painful inside situations. In further delicate situations

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Airtightness Retrofit

Did you know that by an airtight retrofit home, you can not only identify but also correct the traditional envelope problems of buildings? Unfortunately, conventional products

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Solar Farms

Over 80 developments between 2015 and 2018 had been granted planning permission for Solar Farms throughout the Republic of Ireland. However, to date, none of

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Introduction to NZEB

What 1are Nearly Zero Energy Buildings? Nearly Zero Energy Buildings are defined in the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD) as “a very high energy

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