PHS MS Hybrid Sealant

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PHS MS Hybrid Sealant is a flexible and single-component adhesive sealant.

First of all, PHS MS Hybrid Sealant is resistant to overnight condensation and it cures with atmospheric moisture to a flexible, rubbery plastic. It also has excellent airtightness properties – it’s weather and chemical resistant.

PHS MS Hybrid Sealant is suitable for internal and external elastic bonding:

  • Bonding of EPDM to a variety of substrates.
  • bonding of rebates, mitres as well as overlaps.
  • internal and external joint sealing.
  • finally – for bonding of construction components made from plaster, natural stone, aluminium, steel, zinc, copper, glass, wood, MDF, tiles, ceramic among each other or on solid mineral subsurface.

PHS MS Hybrid Sealant offers the following advantages:

  • Very rapid and secure working.
  • Free of solvent and neutral in odour.
  • Resistant to overnight condensation.
  • Adhesion to a variety of materials such as: concrete, aluminium blank and powder coated, unplasticised PVC, wood as well as many other normal building materials.
  • Excellent adhesion force also on many solvent sensitive sub-surfaces as polystyrene foams, e. g. XPS and EPS.
  • Processing possible from -5°C.
  • Single-sided adhesive application.
  • No pre-treatment of the membrane.
  • No flash time, no additional risk of contamination.
  • Self-levelling, unproblematic application to uneven foundations (cavities in concrete).
  • Adjustment possibilities for laminate up to 30 minutes after adhesion.
  • Possesses excellent weather, UV and chemical resistance.
  • Harmonized to building conditions.
  • As a result – long-lasting adhesion and sealing.
  • Causes no blister formation.
  • Finally – low shrinkage & elastic.



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