Gerband SD Control Airtight Membrane

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Gerband SD Control Airtight Membrane enables airtightness and vapour control in roof and wall constructions.

Gerband SD Control Airtight Membrane is a reliable vapour control layer. During the winter it reliably prevents diffusion of interior humidity into the roof and wall construction whereas during summer it allows for back fusion from the insulation as well as the wall and roof construction. This prevents condensation that facilitates mildew growth and constructional damages.

The excellent ageing resistance of this high quality material secures the function over years. Gerband SD Control Airtight Membrane is best while being used indoors as a vapour barrier. This is in order to build an airtight barrier for the protection of the construction according to DIN 4108. 


  • Double-layered laminated film,
  • Outstanding ageing resistance.


  • White, printed.

Finally – the CE sign according to DIN EN 13984 gives the necessary security for the application on the construction site according to all valid requirements of the ENEV and construction standards.



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