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Passive House Systems – Retrofit Airtightness Kit

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Loft & Wall Membrane
PHS Variable Plus is a high performance membrane designed and ideally suited for retrofits. It features an extremely high-sd variance and scrim-reinforcement making it the best membrane for any retrofit project. When embarking on any retrofit project, ensure to use membranes with high-sd variance as fixed SD membranes are not able to deal with historic moisture in the building envelope.
PHS sd Variable Plus
PHS Sd Variable Plus
£199.99 net

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Airtight Joining Tapes
These airtight tapes are used to cover penetrations and overlaps in the membrane to ensure airtightness.
PHS Argo Joining Tape
PHS Argo Plus Joint Tape for Airtightness and Vapour Membranes - 50mm x 25m
£9.99 net

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Fixing - Optional
Sealant is used to seal the membrane to masonry construction and ensure a long lasting bond, most commonly used when sealing membranes to walls or ceilings. When fixing membrane to timber it's most common to use either staples or double-sided tape. Staples are not ideal, as the penetrations must be properly covered by airtight tape. This is why double-sided tape is more commonly used to ensure better airtightness results.
Gerband fortax 6400 50yrs 768x768 1 300x300 1
Gerband Fortax 6400 Airtight Sealant - 310ml Tube
£6.79 net

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970 gerband
Gerband 970 Double Sided Tape - Gerband 30mm x 50m
£10.79 net

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Window Tape - Optional
Window's and doors are some of the major causes of airleaks and properly sealing the frame is required to reach decent standards of airtightness. When sealing to masonry it's also required to prime the blockwork using an airtight primer to ensure a seal that will last the lifespan of the building.
internal window tape
PHS Modbau Internal Airtight Window Tape - 85/15 (100mm) x 25m
£19.55 net

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All the products you need to make your retrofit airtight, loft, walls and windows. Pick and choose the products you need.

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