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Sealants & Primers

Choosing the perfect primer or sealant prior to applying tape is vitally important in ensuring the successful and constant airtightness of your passive home. Our primers can be used on porous surfaces and are ideal for applications on bare wood and masonry. Use these primers and sealants internally or externally for superior results.
Airtight Sealant
When using a sealant or primer, you should always ensure that that surface has been cleaned and dried thoroughly prior to application. Allow to dry completely before you apply any tape or membrane and take the time initially to prepare the surface. By investing time at the preparation stage, you can be assured of long-term adherence of the tape or membrane, which will in turn provide you with a secure and log-lasting airtight seal.

When you choose Passive House Systems for your primer and sealant requirements you can benefit in the following ways:

Easily create an airtight seal on any surface.
Avoid folding and unnecessary cutting, especially in any corners that require special attention.
By firstly preparing the surface with a sealant or primer, you can cut down considerably on tape or membrane application time.
Durability is enhanced through the use of high quality products.
Elasticity and adherence are vastly improved through prior surface preparation.

Air Seal Products UK
Passive House Systems are pleased to offer the following sealants and primers for sale and delivery across the UK:

PHS Primer Priming Coat: This PHS Primer is ideal for wood, masonry and concrete building materials. Easy to apply and quick-drying, this primer can be applied in many layers if necessary. Always allow primer to dry thoroughly prior to application of tape or membrane.
PHS Spray Primer Coat: Ready to use spray primer that is perfect for most construction materials, use on plaster, concrete, metal sheets and more. Use in conjunction with our specially designed window tapes and seals.
PHS Spray Sealing Foam: Use between construction components in hard to reach areas for a smooth, moisture-proof finish. Also offers superior sound damping values.
BOSIG Fasatan TFS Sealant: This adhesive and sealant is suitable for internal and external use and offers unmatched weather and chemical resistance.
Gerband Fortax 6400 Airtight Sealant: Ideal for permanent bonding requirements, this product also offers permanent connections of airtightness layers.

To learn more about our sealants and primers, please get in touch with a member of the Passive House Systems team. Our expert advisors are always on hand to help and will be happy to provide you with superior advice and airtightness information.

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