Gerband 587 Waterproof Tape

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Gerband 587 Waterproof Tape is an external membrane tape that’s permanently resistant to moisture.

Gerband 587 Waterproof Tape is wind-tight and temperature resistant. It also adheres excellently onto wood, smooth bricks and solid concrete surfaces. Gerband 587 can be bonded to porous or sandy substrates sufficiently if primed and can be used as a repair tape for damage or tears in membranes. Furthermore – it seals all known pitched roof underlay and façade membranes.


  • Special film,
  • Filament protection against over-expansion,
  • Very pliant, even in frosty conditions,
  • Temperature-stable until +120°C,
  • UV resistant.


  • Polyacrylate adhesive,
  • Extremely high initial and permanent adhesion,
  • Good adhesive characteristics especially at low temperatures,
  • Very high tack,
  • Very good ageing resistance.

Gerband 587 Special features

  • Permanent resistant against moisture,
  • UV resistant for 12 months during direct solar radiation,
  • Not suitable for bonding under mechanical stress. Prior to the application with plastics test are necessary due to the possibility of plasticizer migration and stress corrosion. For safety reasons it’s necessary to check the adhesion between the tape and the membrane before using.



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