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Scrim Reinforced Airtight Membrane

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Scrim Reinforced Airtight Membrane enables airtightness and vapour control in roof and wall constructions.




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Scrim Reinforced Airtight Membrane enables airtightness and vapour control in roof and wall constructions.

The scrim reinforcing drastically increases the membranes tensile strength and tear resistance, making it an ideal solution in areas where the membrane is wrapped into the structure, increasing the possibility of tearing such as wrapping hollowcore at intermediate floors.


  • Non woven polypropylene
  • High density polyethylene
  • Flame resistant Ethylene-vinyl acetate


  • White with red line 150mm from roll ends to aid overlaps.


The CE sign according to DIN EN 13984 gives the necessary security for the application on the construction site, according to all valid requirements on the ENEV and construction standards.

Technical Details

Nominal weight: 116g/m2, EN1849-2
Tensile strength: 435/320 N/50m, EN12311-1
Elongation at Tensile strength:  27/21%, EN12311-1
Tear resistance:  215/195N, EN12310-
Water vapour permeability in Sd: 3m, EN1931/EN12572
Water vapour permeability:  12g/m2, EN1931/EN12572
Water vapour permeability vs ageing: Passed, EN1931/EN12572
Resistance to water penetration: W1 Class, EN13401-1
Reaction to fire: E Class, EN13401-1
Temperature resistance: -40C to +80C


  • Store in dry rooms from +5C to +25C, protected from UV-radiation.
  • The membrane should be applied perpendicular to the direction of the application surface i.e. studs, rafters and joists.
  • The membrane should be fixed with staples every 150mm or double-sided tape.
  • Argo Universal Joining Tape or a suitable grommet should be used for penetrations.
  • For bonding barrier overlaps, penetrations and repair spots, Argo Universal Joining Tape or a similar tape is recommended.
  • For connections to concrete or masonryInternal Sealant is recommended.
  • Ensure there is a 100mm overlap of the membranes and tape with Argo Universal Joining Tape or another suitable tape.
  • Ensure the corner overlaps are completely sealed.


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AR9091 1500MMX50M 1 00909109091015

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