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Penetration Sealing

At Passive House Systems UK we understand the importance of penetration seals. There are a variety of different products that can be used to maintain the protection and fire resistance of a building. These elements or sections of the building or home require fire protection systems, areas such as the wall or floor where there are ventilation ducts, cables, and cable trays.
Weathertightness Penetration Sealing
Our products are easy to use, versatile and provide a sense of reassurance that your home or building is protected.

Passive House Systems products save you time, cost and energy. They are rapid drying, secure working and possess excellent weather resistance for the UK.

Please see manufacturers specifications on all penetration sealing products in order to ensure full compliance Our team of experts are available to provide assistance and any technical support that may be required. Please contact us via the contact form here on the website or call us on 0333 880 2347, alternatively you can email us on info@passivehousesystems.co.uk

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