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Internal Tapes

Internal adhesive, airtight tapes are the backbone of all passive house systems and should adhere to strict regulatory conditions. All of the tapes offered by Passive House Systems UK are of the very highest quality and can be used for a variety of functions.
Airtight, Adhesive Tapes for Passive Homes, UK
Typically, internal adhesive tapes are used to seal the interior of buildings to ensure airtightness throughout. These tapes can be used to bind the airtight membranes that line your passive home, or create airtightness surrounding windows and doors. The durability of these tapes is incredibly important and they need to have endured stringent testing to confirm suitability for each application. It is with this in mind that Passive House Systems is proud to offer customers a range of high quality internal tapes that are suitable for airtightness and bonding.

Our range includes but is not limited to:

Gerband 586 Airtight Tape: Available in sizes 50mm-150mm this aggressive adhesive offers permanent bonding and airtightness.
PHS Fusion Variable Plus Window Tape: Can be used for internal and external sealing of windows and offers superior airtightness and vapour control.
Winflex-I Airtight Window Tape: Ideal for masonry construction, this internal airtight window tape can be used under plaster for a seamless finish.
Airtightness and Air Permeable Tape
PHS Argo Joining Tape: For use with PHS Apollo 1.5 Vapour Control Membrane, this specially designed tape is ideal for connections, penetration sealing, joints and overlaps.
PHS Split Release Tape: Provides permanent seals against air and vapour on door and window reveals.
Gerband 712 Aluminuim Foil Tape: Ideal for foil faced insulation boards and reflective membranes. Gerband aluminium foil tape is renowned for its durability and airtight effectiveness.
PHS TRS Expanding Foam Tape: Improve the energy efficiency of your home with this thermal barrier expanding foam tape.
PHS Double Sided Tape: Double sided membrane bonding tape for superior airtightness.
PHS Butyl Sealing Tape: Sealing tape for a variety of substrates, including but to limited to: ICF, steel, timber and polypropylene.
PHS Alkoe Paper Tape: Temperature resistant, waterproof and resulting in superior airtightness this paper tape is easy to tear by hand and offers premium ageing resistance.
PHS Reflecta Aluminium Tape: Airtight and wind tight membrane joining tape.
Breathable Membrane Tape UK
Our tapes are easily applied with the specially designed PHS Tapes Seam Roller, which is also available in our online store.

To learn more about the Passive House Systems range of adhesive airtight tapes, please get in touch with a member of our advisory team. With our vast industry experience and our commitment to excellence, we can offer you the expertise you need when planning your own passive home.

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