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Window Tapes + Foams Sealing

Airtight Sealing Tape UK
Passive House Systems is proud to offer a wide range of airtight sealing tapes to suit all homes and buildings. Our comprehensive range is of the very highest quality and encompasses all of the values that our company holds dear.

By internally sealing the windows and doors in your residence or place of business, you are taking the most important step in making your building the most energy efficient it can be. Here at Passive House Systems UK, we can supply you with state of the art sealing tapes, foam tapes, membranes, sealing foams and insulation boards to enhance your passive house airtightness and ensure condensation and vapour control are at their optimum.
Window Frame Sealing Tape
When we speak of energy efficiency and passive homes, it is important to acknowledge that windows and doors are at the very core of these systems. Our multifunctional sealing tapes and membranes are used across a variety of sectors to ensure joints are sealed at all levels and remain airtight and vapour tight.

Our range of tapes include:

PHS Fusion Variable Plus Window Tape: For protection against interstitial condensation during winter and summer months. This tape can be used for both internal and external sealing and is efficient at even the most extreme temperatures.

PHS TRS Expanding Foam Tape: This state of the art foam tape offers noise damping, a thermal barrier and airtight sealing. Perfect for uneven surfaces, this foam tape is easy to clean and apply and comes highly recommended by the team here at Passive House Systems UK.

PHS Tapes Seam Roller: Use this perfectly designed roller to easily apply any of the tapes in our range.

PHS Reflecta Aluminium Tape: This aluminium tape reduces convection heat loss and forms a windtight layer when applied externally. When used internally the Reflecta Aluminium Tape provides a long-lasting airtight seal that is in keeping with the goals of any passive building.

PHS Fasada Cloth Tape: Used commonly for repairs in roof lining and airtight membranes, this unique cloth tape is also perfect for applications that are angular or round in nature.

Gerband 587 Waterproof Tape: This multifunctional waterproof tape is permanently resistant to moisture and can be used on a range of materials such as wood, bricks and uneven concrete surfaces.

PHS Wolfy Joining Tape: Can be used internally and externally for durable bonding.

BOSIG EPDM Membrane: Use internally or externally to create a weathertight or airtight seal.

Airtight Buildings and Passive Homes
Here at Passive House Systems, we pride ourselves on offering only the very best products for airtight buildings and passive homes across the UK. Our range of tapes, membranes and seals is of the very highest standards and is in line with all industry regulations. As well as providing superior products, we are also happy to offer expert advice and guidance to our clients wherever you are based in the UK.
Should you wish to learn more about the passive home tapes and seals we offer, please do feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. We are always on hand to answer questions and provide guidance on each product we offer.

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