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Airtightness is the process of eliminating all draughts, gaps and air leaks from a building for the purpose of reaching passive home status. This is achieved through the use of airtight membranes, sealants and tapes along with the expertise of professionals who have been working in the passive home sector since its inception. Passive House Systems Ltd. are the premier manufacturer and supplier of airtight membranes for passive homes. We offer our own line of premium products alongside the renowned Gerband range and take great pride in providing affordable solutions that stand the test of time. The range of airtight membranes in our catalogue represent the very best vapour control and airtightness control products available on the market, ensuring your home is performing to its optimum at all times.
Air Tightness Membranes
Preventing the loss of energy from your home through the elimination of draughts and heat loss, airtight membranes work by enveloping your home in a protective layer that is both economical and functional. These membranes also play a large part in the reduction of structural damage by preventing the onset of condensation, mildew, mould and damp throughout the lifetime of your home. It is imperative that these membranes are sealed using the correct products and that all surfaces are prepared by a professional prior to installation. Once in place, these airtight membranes can help to keep temperatures in your home regulated, eliminate heat loss and increase energy efficiency.
Breathable Membranes for Walls in Passive Houses
Whether you are looking for airtightness, vapour control or both, Passive House Systems has a solution that will deliver everything you need. Our airtight membrane range includes a variety of solutions to suit every build. If you don’t see what you are looking for, make sure you get in touchwith us so we can provide you with an airtight solution.

Our range includes:

PHS Sd Variable Membrane
PHS Astra Vapour Control Membrane
PHS Airtight Liquid Membrane
PHS Hi-Thermia Membrane
Gerband SD Control Airtight Membrane
Gerband SD VARIO Membrane

More about Membranes:

Membranes can be vapour-tight, airtight or both and in some instances can be vapour permeable if required. Membranes are primarily used to form an airtight barrier in passive houses and are effective sealant for windows, doors and joints. In order to reach the standard for a passive house, the building needs to be airtight. This airtightness is achieved by in essence sealing the interior of the home with a membrane. In conjunction with the membrane, appropriate adhesive airtight tape needs to be used in order to eliminate any draughts, gaps or air leaks. Avoiding heat loss reduces energy consumption and results in significant savings in utility costs. In order to obtain certification for your passive home, a blower door test will be required to ensure airtightness throughout.
Airtight Membranes for Passive Homes
Passive House Systems Ltd. have almost 15 years of experience in the passive home sector and have built an impressive portfolio of clients over this time. Our expertise and reputation rely on providing a first class service right across our service and product range and we are always on hand to provide assistance and guidance on your passive home journey. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the ideal membranes to use on your project.

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