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Passive House Systems

Sustainability Through Excellence

Why choose Passive House Systems?

On average, the cost of a brand new home has increased by £80,000. The rising cost of lumber, steel, and other materials is a major contributor to overruns on construction projects. Ecological, airtight, and insulated homes are notoriously expensive because of overpriced solutions to a basic problem.

There is no need to go into debt to make your home airtight. The stringent criteria of PassiveHaus are just one example of the standards we aim to meet in our pursuit of producing quality products at competitive prices.

Our airtight tapes, membranes, and sealants are strong and affordable, allowing your projects to stay on budget while saving days or weeks on installation. 

We serve everyone from suppliers to homeowners who are retrofitting their lofts. Our diverse resources, quick delivery, live-chat website feature, and email support ensure that our expert service is timely and useful.

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Our Products Are Your Solution

Moisture in buildings causes damp and mould in your home. You are more likely to have respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma.Damp and moulds produce allergens which affect our immune systems. Using the correct airtight products prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

Climate change is a worldwide challenge. How can we change our habits concerning energy consumption and be inline with new regulations? Passive House Systems products and energy efficient systems provide sustainable technologies that save energy.

Producing an airtight building protects the structure against dampness originating from air leakages. By putting the correct measures in place and using the correct products, your building will have an extended lifespan with less issues as it ages.

One of the main objectives of a building is the good health of its inhabitants. For a high level of comfort, and a controlled air exchange of fresh outdoor air at regular intervals remains an important health practice.

With eco-friendly choices you can see a return on the up-front investment with Passive House Systems UK renewable energy products and systems. Saving you money on energy and maintenance bills.

Passive House Systems Resources Provides You With All The Information You Need

Download our product datasheets, for all specifications and applications. 

View 2D application images of our airtightness products.

View 3D application images of our airtightness products.

View application videos of our products.

Download one of our brochures.

Request a Free Sample Pack

At Passive House Systems Ltd we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality that we provide.

Through our extensive research and development we have developed a wide range of Airtightness and Weathertight membranes, tapes and sealants.

If you would like to see our range of products and feel the quality for yourself, contact our team and we can arrange for a sample pack to be sent to you.

Our Passive House Systems Sample Packs consists of :

  • PHS Sample Booklet
  • PHS Airtightness Brochure
  • Passive House Systems USB Stick
  • Passive House Systems Pen

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