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Gerband 186 Paper Tear-Resistant Sealing Tape For Airtight Barriers

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Gerband 186 Paper Tape is a tear-resistant sealing tape, with a special acrylate adhesive and extremely high adhesive strength.



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SKU: AR9006

Gerband 186 Paper Tape is a tear-resistant sealing tape, with a special acrylate adhesive, extremely high adhesive strength and outstanding aging resistance.

  • Joints of OSB & DWD (wood fibre board) panels, indoors & outdoors
  • Joints & connections with wood, OSB, metal
  • For adhesion to masonry use a primer if necessary
  • Tape is temperature resistant.
  • 30 year resistance to ageing.

For airtight bonding of straight connections and applying over joints of vapor barriers and smooth airtight layers in pitched roof areas, in accordance with DIN 4108 Part 7.

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Technical Details

Carrier: PE-coated special paper, water-repellent, airtight
Thickness:  0.42mm
Tear strength: 250N/25mm
Adhesive strength: 40N/25mm
Temperature resistance: -40C to +80C
Specification: Requirements according to DIN 4108 Part 7 are met
Roll length: 40m


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  • Airtight bonding and sealing overlaps of vapour barriers and air tightness membranes according to BS9250.
  • Bonding of smooth and slightly rough PE webs and Kraft papers without wax coating.
  • Bonding of aluminum webs, PP-fleeces and processed timbers (OSB).
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Part Number:  Size: Box Quantity: Barcode:
AR9006 60mm X 40m 10 N/A



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