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PHS Hi-Thermia Membrane

PHS Hi-Thermia Reflective Airtightness Membrane



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PHS Hi-Thermia Reflective Membrane is a very durable and robust vapour control layer (VCL).
Is is featuring a metallised surface with a very low emissivity internal vapour barrier. When combined with air gap thermal comfort is enhanced by reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat back into the building. When installed continuously with all laps and penetrations sealed, Hi-Thermia Reflective Membrane provides effective condensation control for all building types. We recommend using PHS Reflective Tape to seal all laps, penetrations and cuts in the membrane, and also for connections to adjacent airtight layers at roof and floor junctions. Installation The reflective surface must be located on warm side of the insulation and always face an airspace. The preferred method is to install it with the reflective side facing into the building, then fix a standard 25mm batten over the membrane before applying the slab.



Thermal performance/Reflectivity: 0,973
Emissivity: 0.027
Reaction to fire: Class E, EN ISO 11925-2, Class EN 13501-1
Water Tightness: Passed, EN1928 (Method A, Class W1)
Water Vapour Resistance: 14.645 m2.s.Pa/kg
Tensile Strength Transverse: 371N/50mm, EN13859-1
Tensile Strength Longitudinal: 316N/50mm, EN13859-1
Tear Resistance Transverse: 340N/50mm, EN13859-1
Tear Resistance Longitudinal: 325N/50mm, EN13859-1
Density:   1.15g/m2
Thickness: 0.12mm
Roll dimensions: 1.2 x 60m
Air permability: Airtight, EN12114


  • Airtight suspended timber floors.
  • Warm pitched roof construction.
  • Cold pitched roof construction.
  • Timber frame construction.
  • Metal roofing solutions.
  • Protection for wall construction.
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