PHS Airtight Liquid Membrane

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PHS Airtight Liquid Membrane is a VOC free, water based, flexible, fibre reinforced polymer. It provides a unique and sustainable solution for airtight construction junctions in both new builds and retrofits.

PHS Airtight Liquid Membrane is brush applied to create an uninterrupted airtight and vapourtight seal around penetrations, chases, floor to wall junctions, wall to ceiling junctions, and roof connections.

PHS Airtight Liquid Membrane creates a seamless and continuous airtight and vapourtight seal over cracks and gaps. Because the seal perfectly follows the contours of the substrate and in combination with the high flexibility and superior adhesion, the connections remain airtight over a long period of time. It is a fast, flexible and durable solution for all airtight connections.

Field of use
– Floor/wall connections,
– Ceiling to wall junctions,
– Window/door jambs,
– Steel decks,
– Behind sockets boxes and wall chases,
– Renovation, -new & old material interfaces,
– Where services penetrate surfaces – pipes, cable, ducting, etc.

– Versatile for use on a wide variety of building materials like concrete, stone, wood, metal, aluminium, insulation, EPDM, etc.*,
– Suitable for new buildings and renovation,
– Seamless and secure even with difficult connections,
– Quick and easy application,
– Moist surfaces are no problem,
– You can over plaster, render or paint it,
– PHS Airtight Liquid Membrane is an optimal product for materials of different coefficients of expansion,
– Extensively tested for adhesion and elasticity.

PHS Liquid Membrane comes as the brush applied fibre reinforced paste and in a more liquid form for direct airless spraying. We only sell the brush version online, the spray version is typically applied by a professional applicator.

Technical Details

                                           blue (wet), black (dry)

Basis:                                             waterborne polymer paste reinforced with fibres  
Application Temperature:         
Storage Temperature:                 +5C to +20C  
Packaging:                                     5kg
SD value:                                       >10  
Density:                                         1.2kg/Litre  
Airtightness:                                 0.07m3/H.M (50 Pa); EN 12114: 2000  
Elongation:                                  >230%, EN12311-1  
Diffusion Resistance:                  76584, EN12572  
Adhesion on Concrete:                1.9N/mm2, ISO 4624

Consult the safety data sheet prior to application. Always work in well-ventilated areas. Avoid skin contact when product is in wet condition. Requested to wear eye protection, mouth mask, gloves and safety wear during application.

Test reports and certifications
This table contains average values from independent testreports and certifications. Values obtained after ageing of the samples are marked with « v ».



















1. PHS Airtight Liquid Membrane is ready-to-use; mix with hand mixer before application. Do not dilute with water or solvents.
2. Apply PHS Airtight Liquid Membrane in two layers with a brush, at a total consumption of (indicative) 0,8–1 kg/m2.
3. Drying time may vary and depends on local conditions and condition of the substrate. Indicative: 24–48hr.

Other characteristics
– Average consumption: 0,8 – 1 kg/m2 (indicative, depending on substrate),
– Density: +/- 1,15 kg / litre,
– Available colours: blue (drying to black airtight coating) & white (drying to white airtight coating),
– Indicative drying time: 0,5 to 24 hours (depending on substrate temperature, air humidity, applied layer thickness and ventilation),
– Storage: 5–20C; stored dry, out of direct sunlight; conservation: 12 months from date of production, original unopened packaging.


Size:                      5kg
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