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Airtightness Product Installation

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Are you looking for airtightness products installation at your home? If yes, you are in the right place.

Constructing a building with proper airtightness is a simple straightforward procedure. However, to ensure the best execution of airtightness, you need to take several steps before and during the process of airtightness installation.

These steps are:
1. The first and the most important part is to be clear with your constructor. Provide all the detail regarding sealing of the house clearly to the constructor of your house.
2. Let all the crew now that your building has an airtightness goal, and you want to achieve it efficiently.
3. Use an airtightness signage and place it everywhere on the construction site to remind workers that the building needs to be airtight, and they should be careful enough not to compromise it with their work. If they spot any holes or cuts, they should report to the supervisor without wasting any time.
4. Identify all the services that will be coming in and out of your airtight building such as water, electricity, and sewer, just at the start of the construction. It is important because unplanned last-minute penetrations of any of the utilities (cable, solar, HRV) can degrade up to 20% of the airtightness.
5. Once the building is constructed, test it for any leaks. Usually, most technicians use a blower-door test. In this test, a portable frame-mounted fan is sealed in the exterior doorway. All the openings to the outside of the house are sealed temporarily. Using a smoke pencil, technicians pinpoint the areas where the air is entering your home while blower-door is still in progress.
6. However, it is important to note that this test is meant to look for any leaks once the building is constructed. Therefore, you need to ensure that this test is not the first test for checking the airtightness. There should be an intermediate airtightness quality assurance test prior to internal drylining.
With these measures, you can make sure to have an airtight energy-efficient home.

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