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Airtightness Tapes

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You can create an efficient airtight design, using airtightness tapes.

Many building materials are airtight such as concrete, good quality OSB, plaster, and vapour control layers. The airtightness tapes and materials have to stay connected together to make a continuous layer.

You can use Airtightness tapes in a variety of situations. Common uses include: sealing windows and doors to the airtightness substrate, joining the ground floor and wall airtight materials, joining the wall and ceiling airtight materials, sealing floor joists to walls, sealing airtight membrane overlaps, etc.


There’s an Airtightness tape applicable for every type of construction, including masonry, concrete, timber frame, ICF, steel, etc.

Airtightness tapes vary in Sd value from one another. They allow for water vapour control consideration in the selection of the tapes, and they control the risk of interstitial condensation.

Split release tapes are available for all types of construction. They seal the windows and doors back to reveals. A split release tape, has two paper backings on the adhesive side, one 12mm and another of various sizes. You need to remove the 12mm paper backing and adhere the tape to the window frame. Then, adhere the other side to the reveal. The advantage of using a split release is the speed and ease of construction. The tape on the window stays perfectly covered by the internal surface finish such as plasterboard or plaster (12mm).

The airtight tapes Passive House Systems distribute vary in properties to allow for a selection to suit every construction need.Gerband 586 tape and Gerband split releases work well with Gerband membranes for a complete airtight solution in timber frame construction. Winflex-I and PHS Fusion Variable are designed for masonry and concrete construction, being able to adhere to rough materials as well as take a plaster finish.

Airtightness tapes are just a part of the airtightness products that Passive House Systems offer. We also distribute membranes, sealants, loft stairs, downlight hoods, inspection doors, grommets. We create a complete airtight solution for any build.

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