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How Do Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Work?

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Everyone likes to use renewable sources of energy to reduce the impact on the earth. But, using renewable technology alone will not reduce the carbon footprint. Making use of the already existing technology will lower the impact on the environment. It includes the heat lost to the environment from our homes or commercial space daily. Heat recovery ventilation system as the name suggests tries to prevent this heat loss. Do not confuse it with your heating system. While both systems work independently, they both can save energy and cost. Let’s see how.

Working Of Heat Recovery Ventilation System

You may have seen ventilation valves in each room supplying air inside and outside of the rooms of your house or office. These valves lead to the heat recovery unit located on the roof space, attic, or plant room of the building. Instead of using the air from outside, it moves the stale air inside the space that normally gets expelled outside. The extraction and supply units with the system never mix physically. While the system draws heat from the stale air inside the home, new fresh air from outside gets supplied into the room. Then, the stale air without heat is expelled into the atmosphere by the system. With the advancement of technology, you now have access to a heat recovery system that can extract 90% heat from the stale air and return the fresh air into the system.

As mentioned earlier, the heat recovery system never replaces the need for heating the rooms. But, having a heat recovery system can help the heating systems work efficiently. They can recycle the warm air to get the optimum out of it.

Benefits Of Heat Recovery Ventilation System


Having stale and moist air in the room can make you susceptible to illness. By installing a heat recovery system, you eliminate it. Instead, the rooms are replaced with filtered, clean, fresh, and warm air. All the habitable rooms along with the bedroom become well-ventilated without allowing the heat to escape. Installing this system will ensure recovery of as much as 90% of heat wasted normally wasted while maintaining ventilation. Other benefits linked to using the heat recovery ventilation system are:

  • Lower the presence of pollen and dust using the filter within the system.
  • Reduce condensations, moisture, and smells that persists in the room due to cooking
  • Lower energy use inside the home
  • Lower the risk of growth of mold due to dampness
  • Great savings on energy billing (you stay warm during winters)

Are you planning to install a heat recovery ventilation system in your home or office? Then, you need to find a trusted source offering a high-quality heat recovery ventilation system. Your search will end at Passive House Systems as the house construction products, as well as services offered, will improve the energy performance of homes. Using updated technology, the products and services provided to the customers will help them overcome the wind tightness, airtightness, and insulation problems. With the backing from a highly qualified and expert team, customers are sure to feel satisfied with the solution offered.

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