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50 year Durability Certificate

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Leading airtightness manufacturer Gerband has received 50-year durability certification.

Gerband won it from the University of Kassel in Germany for three of its premier airtightness products. The certification got an award for Gerband Sd2 vapour control and airtight membrane, Gerband 586 airtightness tape, and Gerband Fortax 6400 internal adhesive sealant.

This certification is a testament to the outstanding performance and durability of Gerband airtightness products. We can now say with confidence that Gerband products will last 50 years or longer. Now we also have the independent testing to prove it.

The accelerated ageing test developed by the University of Kassel (the only approved method for testing the durability of adhesive joints in airtight constructions) took place over 420 days. The test was performed in accordance with the standard DIN 4108-11, for the durability of adhesive products in airtight constructions.

Gerband also continuously perform their own in house testing to ensure consistent quality throughout the life cycle of its products. Passive House Systems, with offices in Essex and in Ireland, is a leading expert in airtightness products and systems. For more information see www.passivehousesystems.co.uk.

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