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Airtightness Kit For Suspended Floor Insulation

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£1.00 net

Airtight Tape
The airtight tape is used to seal any overlaps and penetrations and ensure a full airtight envelope. 3 rolls of tape are recommended per 75m^2 of membrane.
Gerband 586 Airtight Tape
Gerband 586 Airtight Joint Tape For Vapour Membranes - 60mm x 25m
£12.99 net

In stock

Control Membrane
The control membrane prevents warm air leaving through the floor, which in older buildings is a common issue. It will also stop draughts and save you money from keeping the warm air in. The Membrane is 75m^2.
Gerband Sd Control 600x600 1
Gerband SD Control Airtight Membrane
£111.99 net

In stock

Breather Membrane
The breather membranes helps regulate the humidity inside the floor itself, ensuring it's longevity, stopping damage and condensation build-up. The Membrane is 75m^2.
PHS 120 Product Square.jpeg
PHS 120 Windtight Breather Membrane
£60.00 net

In stock


We greatly believe in the need for better insulated homes and airtightness is a large piece of making it happen. We encourage homeowners to  upgrade older homes to newer standards, it saves you money and greatly reduces your carbon footprint.

The PHS Suspended Floor Insulation Kit is designed to help homeowners to select the correct products and to make it as easy as possible to upgrade your home while giving you a discount on your materials.

You can always call us regarding quantities and product requirements.


A properly insulated suspended floor needs to be airtight to function properly and prevent risk to the construction, as the airtight membranes prevent condensation and stop cold air entering the building while stopping warm air from leaving. This is important and greatly improves the overall quality of the insulation.

In a suspended timber floor, you will want to structure it as follows :

  1. The Breather membrane is placed on the bottom, wrapping it around the joists. Securing battens to the membrane and the joists followed by wrapping any overlaps and penetrations with airtight tape.
  2. Placing insulation in-between the joists.
  3. Covering the top of the floor in a vapour control layer and sealing overlaps with airtight tape.
  4. Placing floorboards overtop.

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