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DCV (Demand Control Ventilation) units supplied by Passive House Systems.
Demand controlled ventilation, provides you with the right amount of air just when you need it most. When a room is occupied, its relative humidity increases, the air inlets then open to increase airflow and evacuate stale air. When carrying out any activity which emits indoor air pollution, such as taking a shower or cooking a meal, the unit can generate more power to remove pollution quickly.
A DCV system consist of sensors, controllers and ventilation fans. The sensors continuously measure and monitor indoor air quality and provide information to the controller.
The controller sends this information to the fans and adjusts the rate of ventilation according to the demands of each room.

The extract fans, are placed in attic spaces or utility rooms and are connected via ducts to extract grilles in wet rooms (kitchen, bathroom, utility). Air comes into the house through humidity sensitive wall inlets in the dry rooms (bedrooms, living rooms).

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