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Airtightness does not need to be expensive. We’re always looking to develop new cost-effective airtightness solutions and make energy-efficient housing more affordable.

We’ve recently released Apollo 2, a new airtight membrane that’s a game changer in energy-efficient builds. In new builds where variable sd-membranes aren’t needed, Apollo 2 creates an airtight envelope and controls moisture for less than £1 per m2.

The price differences between airtight membranes come down to their moisture control properties. In most retrofits, this calls for high-performance variable SD membranes, which can deal with historic moisture and prevent condensation down the road.

Historic moisture is not an issue in new builds, that’s why we carefully selected the properties and designed a fixed SD membrane with an optimal SD value of 27, which is perfectly suited for new build timber-frame walls, extensions and lofts.  This solution for new builds is far more cost-effective while delivering the same airtightness results.

We’ve run case studies to see just how well this membrane performs and how much money it can save. Our most recent case study was for an Irish extension and a new loft. Prior to the work being carried out, the building had an extremely poor level of airtightness, resulting in massive air leakage.

After new ventilation was installed, installers created an airtight envelope using the Apollo 2 membrane and sealed other penetrations. After the work was approved, the building was tested again and the airtightness results were massively improved. The results exceeded the difficult target of 1m3.m2.hr.

Airtightness Test Results Prior to work :15.32m3 .m2 .hr
Airtightness Test Results After work : 0.69m3 .m2 .hr
Airtightness Standard for Passive Housing : 0.6m3 .m2 .hr

Airtightness Membranes (2)
The full Apollo 2 case-study can be seen here, including the steps taken to get such great results : Case Study

Using cost-effective methods and products can lead to gigantic cost savings while preserving quality and reaching high standards of airtightness and moisture control. We supply products, offer free airtightness advice, product recommendations, and consultations.

To find out how your build can reach your desired airtightness using our Apollo 2 membrane, contact our team or visit our website.

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