Window Sealings

We supply a range of products for window sealings between the window/door frame and the adjoining wall. Whatever your building type (commercial, industrial or residential) we have a product to suit you.

Our impressive window sealings range come from the GerbandBosig and Vitaseal manufacturers.

There are several opportunities for air leakage around the window space:

- Within the windows ( i.e. between the glass & frame).

- Between the window frames.

- Between the Window frame and the building structure.

Our products take care of the Window to building structure interface, your window supplier needs to ensure an airtight window structure.

The European Standard regarding Air Permeability in windows and doors is EN 12207, the classification is defined by the standard testing method prEn 1026 which is conducted on completed window or door assemblies in a factory or laboratory setting by licensed testing facilities such as the Rosenheim Institute in Germany. The air permeability test has two components; the air permeability over the overall area of the test specimen and the air permeability related to the length of the opening joint. This is measured in units of m3/(h.m2) for the overall area and m3/(h.m) for the air permeability over the panel joint. Contact Us or check our Window Sealing Systems range.