Airtightness Installer Training

Airtightness Installer Training Course






Each participant of Airtightness Installer Training Course receives a LABC installer certificate, product samples,
a memory stick loaded with relative information including airtightness video tutorials, direct contact with our engineers and lunch.


09.30 am - Registration

10.00 am - Theoretical Part:
– What is Airtightness and Vapour control.
– Why do we apply airtightness/Vapour Control products.
– What is the difference between Air- and Wind tightness.
– Airtightness Ventilation.
– Most common failure areas.

11.00 am - Coffee break

11.15 am - Solutions on Site:
– Designing, Building and Testing for Airtightness.
– Intelligent onsite solutions.
– Airtightness details and solutions (Steel, Masonry & Timberframe).
– Air Testing and other Quality Control measures.
– Airtightness in the Irish / UK context, present and future.

12.00 am - Practical Demonstration:
– Gerband Airtight demo house overview.
– Airtightness best practice detailing review.
– Gerband airtightness quality assessment.
– Identification of common leakage points in block and timber frame.

01.00 pm - Lunch break

02.00 – 04.00 pm - Practical Application of Products:
– Practical Airtightness installation with Gerband Air-tightness membranes.
– Airtightness to windows and membrane penetrations.
– Wind-tightness installation.
– Summary/Questions and answers.