Syn SD Variable Membrane

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Syn SD Variable Membrane is a Vapour Control layer with Variable vapour permeable properties.

Syn SD Variable Membrane is an important component of roof construction. It protects the insulation and building from damp and insects, guaranteeing long-term functioning. It is critically important to pay particular attention to the following installation requirements. The membrane must withstand the load placed on it by the installer.

The surface of the sarking membrane must not tear. This is easy to achieve with a stable, robust upper and lower fleece layer. After the installation, membrane is partially exposed to the sun and UV rays from it and changing temperatures. It places an enormous strain on the membranes. With its quality, this membrane is highly suitable for installation from inside and outside. It guarantees maximum security for roof structure, thanks to high re-drying reserve.

Technical Details

Surface weight:   
                        EN1849-2; 100g/m2
Thickness:                                    0.20mm
Thear resistance:                       
Lengthwise:                                 EN12311-1; 340N/50mm
Transverse:                                  EN12311-1; 130N/50mm
Nail pull-out resistance:
Lengthwise:                                 EN12310-1; 160N
Transverse:                                  EN12310-1; 120N
Lengthwise:                                 EN12311-1; 30%
Transverse:                                  EN12311-1; 180%
Sd value:                                      DIN EN ISO 12572; 0.2m bis 10.0m
Water tightness:                          EN1928; W1
Fire behaviour:                            EN13501; Class E
Temp. Application range:            -40C bis +100C
UV Stability:                                3month
Aging:                                          EN1296


Excellently suited for roof renovations from the outside and classical installation from the inside.


Length:        50m