Sentinel Kinetic HRV System

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The Sentinel Kinetic® Advance from Vent-Axia is the next generation of heat recovery ventilation systems.

It is designed to offer the highest level of comfort and control available ensuring the best possible customer experience.

A whole new experience

The highly sculpted interior surfaces, designed using the latest CFD techniques, ensures airflows are maximised through the unit minimising noise and energy use. This feature alone provides an experience which we are confident will delight home owners and fulfil our ambition of providing the most discrete and efficient ventilation available. With the widest range of options available, installers can now order a system that is tailored to their client’s needs.

Air Quality and Health

We have strived to make the Advance system the most flexible solution available on the market. Optimisation has been targeted in every aspect of the design to ensure that it really does improve quality of life. Whatever the outside environment, we a have a method to help reduce air pollution from entering the living space. Our range of filter options, up to and including F7, ensure that even homes in heavily urbanised areas have the opportunity to filter out the impurities and help protect their family from respiratory issues.

Nuisance noise – There isn’t any…

The most common concern with home owners is that ventilation devices create noise. With Advance, absolute optimisation of every element does everything possible to minimise generation and transmission of both motor and airflow noise. We believe that we have one of the quietest units available.

Ventilation how you want it

We have spent our time considering every element of the ventilation control. Should you want to run the system at certain times and at certain speeds, all of the options are available for you. With a programmable controller, it is possible to boost the unit if required, for example during hot periods in the summer, or even reduce the speed if needed, perhaps when a baby is due to go to bed. Whatever the situation, Advance can be made to operate as needed. At the same time, automatic functions such as frost protection and summer bypass even have a choice of algorithms designed to suit different climates and lifestyles.


With building services often hidden away in cupboards or in lofts we have developed a number of options for system control. From an App which provides instant access wherever you are, to full on-board touch screen controls, an option will be available to support your needs.

Recognised in SAP PCDB,
• Touch screen controller,
• Lightweight for easier installation,
• 100% Summer bypass,
• WiFi connectivity option,
• Wireless commissioning,
• Pre-commissioning via USB,
• App control option,
• Left/Right handing through the controller,
• Pre-heater option for cold climates,
• Post-heater control option,
• Developed and manufactured in the UK,
• G3, M5 and F7 filter options.



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Technical Details

Product Type:

Product Range:                                Heat Recovery  
Impeller:                                             Backward curved
Casing:                                                ABS 
Airstream Temperature:                   -20C to 45C
43dBA @ 3m  
Warranty:                                           up to 5 years 
Watts:                                                 190  
Supply Voltage:                                  
Motor IP Rating:                                 IP22  
S.T.O.P. Protection:                            Yes
Speed Controllable:                            In Built