Plenum Box FLX-PRO

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Due to their small overall dimensions, they do not require a lot of space.

FLX-PRO plenum boxes are elements, connecting FLX-HDPE and FLX-HDPE-A flexible hoses, which together form a mechanical ventilation distribution system (including recuperation).

This allows you to obtain a larger usable space for the room. FLX-PRO plenum boxes are made of galvanised steel. We can make stainless steel expansion boxes on a special order.

It is possible to make insulated FLX-PRI plenum boxes. They are insulated inside, with a 9mm thick rubber mat. We are connecting the boxes with an outside seal. When using an EPDM gasket with the symbol FLX-USZ or FLX-USC, we will get the C tightness class, according to PN-EN 12237.

Note: The d1 connection is normally made in the nipple dimension.



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