Plenum Box FLX-PRO-L

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Due to their small overall dimensions, they do not require a lot of space.

FLX-PRO-L plenum boxes are elements, connecting FLX-HDPE and FLX-HDPE-A flexible ducts, which together form a mechanical ventilation distribution system (including recuperation).

This allows you to obtain a larger usable space for the room. FLX-PRO-L plenum boxes are made of galvanised steel. It is possible to make stainless steel expansion boxes on a special order. It is possible to make insulated FLX-PRI-L plenum boxes.

They are insulated inside, with a 9mm thick rubber mat. We are connecting the boxes with an outside seal. When using an EPDM gasket with the symbol FLX-USZ or FLX-USC, we will get the C tightness class, according to PN-EN 12237.

Note: The d1 connection is normally made in the nipple dimension. It is possible to make diameter d1 in the muff dimension on the special order. For this purpose, the “F” should be added at the end.


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