PHS Optima Window Tape

£46.50£91.60 inc. vat (RRP)


PHS Optima Window Tape is a special full adhesive for fast and reliable sealing of window and door reveals.

PHS Optima Window Tape protects against interstitial condensation by having a variable Sd membrane value. In the winter the tape becomes more vapour closed (Sd = 6.6m) to prevent moisture travelling into the building fabric and condensing due to the reduced temperature. In the summer the tape becomes more vapour open (Sd = 0.1m) to allow any moisture that infiltrated the wall in the winter to dry out internally.

The same PHS Optima Window Tape is usable for internal and external sealing, offering excellent levels of vapour control either way. The underside of the self-adhesive tape is full-surface coated with a High Tack adhesive, which is an extremely aggressive adhesive. This allows application even at low temperatures. The split cover foil on this self-adhesive layer allows particularly easy and time saving application. PHS Optima may be also plastered and painted over and is fully concealed after installation.

PHS Optima Window Tape has a special structure allowing it to stretch in the transverse direction for optimal absorption of structural movement. This directional flexibility guarantees durable sealing of reveals.

PHS Optima Window Tape offers you the following advantages:

  • A single tape for internal and external reveals, no danger of confusion on-site.
  • Numerous sizes for any installation situation.
  • Optimal vapour control.
  • Absorbs structural movements due to transverse stretch-ability/flexibility.
  • Durable sealing ensured.
  • Can tale a plaster finish.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Good compatibility with acrylic glass and polycarbonate.
  • Strong adhesion of the adhesive strip to all types of window frames.
  • Full-surface self-adhesive tape underside with application-friendly, split cover foil, equipped with High Tack adhesive.
  • Perfect handling and optimal workability due to soft and pliable consistency to match all structural conditions.
  • No additional adhesives required depending on application surface.
  • Rendering application particularly easy and time-saving.
  • Especially suited for masonry construction.