PHS TRS Expanding Foam Tape

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PHS expanding foam tape has a combination of resilient foam and water resistant binder.

This creates a slow expanding pre-compressed, expanding foam tape that is used to resist weather ingress in fenestration, roofing, and other construction applications. Its visco-elastic property offers noise/vibration damping while its impregnated foam structure provides an energy efficient thermal barrier. PHS TRS allows some movement of the structure whilst ensuring that the airtight seal remains constant.


  • BG1 Water-tight seal to driving rain at 600Pa,
  • Good air-tightness if used compressed,
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation,
  • Vapor permeable,
  • Easy and clean to apply,
  • Improves energy efficiency in buildings,
  • Seals against uneven surfaces,
  • Accommodates joint movement
  • Fire retardant, self-extinguishing,
  • Easy to quantify usage.



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Technical Details

Polyurethane Foam 
Synthetic Resin  
Acrylic adhesive  
Resistance to driving rain:                         
DIN 18542; > 600 Pa, BG1  
Fire classification:                                       
DIN 4102; B1, self-extinguishing, PND 04-479
Air-permeability (pressure of 10Pa):       
DIN 18542; a<1m3/[h.m.(daPa)] – Pass BG1  
Resistance to temperature
changes and humidity:                               
DIN 8541; Passed
Resistance to UV & Heat rays:                   
NF P 85-570 and NF P 85-571; Passed  
Thermal conductivity:                                 
DIN 18542; 0,046W/mk  
Vapour resistance:                                      
DIN 18542;u > 100  
Compatibility with chemical agents:       
Resistance to acids, bases, diluted alkalis  
Service temperature:                                 
-40C to +100C  
Application temperature:                       
   From 5C  
Storage temperature:                                
+1C to +25C  
Shelf life:                                                      
2 years from manufacturing date  
Life expectancy:                                          
>20 years



  • Perimeter seals for windows and doors,
  • Facade roof joint,
  • Timber frame buildings and log homes,
  • Sandwich panels,
  • Installation of roof lights or solar panels,
  • Side/end laps on roofing sheets,
  • Abutment seals for conservatories,
  • Joints for portable or sectional buildings.


Product:              20/5-10×5.6m       20/7-12×4.3m       20/8-15×3.3m

Packaging:          12 rolls/box           12 rolls/box           12 rolls/box
                            (160m)                 (51.6m)                 (39.6m) 
Range of use:      5-10mm                7-12mm                8-15mm
Length:                5.6m                    4.3m                     3.3m
Width:                 20mm                   20mm                   20mm
Expansion:          27mm                   35mm                   44mm