PHS Butyl Sealing Tape

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PHS Butyl Sealing Tape – extruded and self adhesive butyl sealing strip.

PHS Butyl Sealing Tape, specially developed double adhesive elastic tape, pressure responsive and age resistant. The tape is protected by a paper liner which is easy to remove during installation. Furthermore, tape has a high tack to a variety of substrates, such as ICF, concrete, masonry, steel, timber, polyethylene and polypropylene.


  • High tack to a variety of substrates,
  • Solvent free,
  • Will not dry out and preserves elasticity,
  • Doesn’t transmit on fingers or installation surfaces,
  • Age resistant,
  • Gives an excellent seal behind doors and windows,
  • Used for waterproofing,
  • High shear strength.


  • Basic raw materials: Butyl rubber,
  • Color: Black and grey,
  • Type: Plastic,
  • Line resistance: Good.



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