PHS Adhesive Sealant

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PHS Adhesive Sealant is a water-based contact adhesive, designed to create a permanent connection between airtight layers in accordance with DIN 4108-7.

PHS Adhesive Sealant is typically used to bond Airtight vapour control layer (AVCL) membranes to substrates in order to maintain the airtight and vapour control integrity of the junction. PHS Sealant has a broad range of applications, one of its most important applications is the joining of membrane to blockwork such as a ceiling AVCL lapping down to join to the masonry wall in order to create a continuous airtight and vapour control layer. The sealant excels in this application due to its ability to create a strong bond with rough surfaces.

PHS Sealant complies with BS 9250 (Airtightness of ceilings in pitched roofs) and BS 5250 (Control of condensation in buildings).


  • solvent free,
  • highly adhesive,
  • permanently elastic,
  • has a fast curing time.



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