PHS 50/50 Split Release Tape

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PHS 50/50 Split Release Tape (100mm wide) is a pliable stretchable PE-film sealing tape.

PHS 50/50 Split Release Tape is used indoors for the airtightness bonding and sealing of the floor to wall junction. It is moisture-resistant polyacrylate adhesive of extremely high tack and permanent adhesion as well as outstanding ageing resistance. Surfaces must be stable, dry, free of grease and dust, and must not contain adhesive-repellent coatings, some MDF and masonry surface may need a primer coating (such as Paint Primer 6300) for best results. The installer should firstly apply a sample of the tape and test adhesion.


  • The split release permits the installer to quickly apply the tape in separate and manageable steps.
  • 50mm strip facilitates the speedy and accurate fixing of the tape to window frame.
  • PET reinforcement helps preventing over expansion of the adhesive tape.



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