Gerband Vapofol 100 Vapor Barrier

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Gerband Airtight Membrane Vapofol 100 is an extraordinary, one-layered vapor barrier.

Gerband Airtight Membrane Vapofol 100 effectively prevents the formation of condensation. It should be used indoors in order to build an airtightness barrier for the protection of the construction according to DIN 4108. The excellent aging resistance of the high-quality materials ensures high functionality.


  • LDPE film, 
  • Outstanding ageing resistance,
  • Dimensionally stable, length and crosswise,
  • Tear resistant,
  • Quick and easy application.


  • White, printed.

Special features

  • Vapofol 100 fulfills the requirements of the EnEV and is used for new and old buildings as well as for reconstruction,
  • The CE sign according to DIN EN 13984 gives the necessary security for the application on the construction site according to all valid requirements of the EnEV and construction standards.



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