Folding Loft Stairs

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Timber Folding Loft Stairs – superior retractable loft stairs complete with spring counterbalance mechanism for delightfully easy operation.

Our airtight folding loft stairs are a real winner when it comes to the prevention of heat loss with it’s 80mm or 133mm insulation and air impermeable seals. These retractable loft stairs not only save space but also ensure that heat does not escape through the hatch. 


  • Top quality Pine Folding Loft Stairs, with deep, non-slip treads and plastic feet for extra stability.
  • Supplied complete with a new white faced hatch, lining and ladder for quick and easy installation.
  • Retractable loft stairs means no storage space needed in the loft as stairs stores completely on hatch.
  • Effortless counterbalance operation.
  • Insulated and airtight.
  • Supplied with an 2-point lock and long reach operating pole for ease of use.
  • Hidden trapdoor hinges are an added feature.
  • Quality accessories available.
  • Fire rated hatches are also available.
  • Air tightness kit between loft door frame and ceiling also available.



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Technical Details

                                                           Polar Top                                Polar Extreme Plus

Insulation Thickness:                          133mm                                   80mm  
Certification:                                        DIN EN 14975:2007  
Tested U-value STANDARD:                0.40W / m2K                          0.59W / m2K  
Tested U-value with ISO–top:            0,32W / m2K                          0.37W / m2K  
Airtightness Level:                              class 4 (EN 1026), i.e. Q100 < 0.1m³/hr.m2  
Locking Mechanism:                            2-point with seal compression.  
Aesthetics:                                            A white lid finish  
Construction Type:                            
Particularly strong step, 27mm with dovetail joints  
Hand Rail Safety:                                 As Standard when >540mm width  
Load bearing Capacity:                       150kg  
119xlong x 590 wide x 275 max. ceiling height  
Optional Extras:                                 
 – ISO Top lid with 80mm extra insulation (50cm high),
– loft guard rail.


Polar Extreme Plus Loft Stairs: 
     1190mmX590mm 2800mm
                                                        1130mmX540mm 2750mm

Polar Top Loft Stairs:                      1190mmX590mm 2800mm