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Fire Rated Loft Cone

Fire Rated Loft Cone

Fire Rated Loft Cone allows for safe and efficient use of recessed downlights.

Fire Rated Loft Cone meets the latest needs of BS EN 60598 and other international standards for lighting. It’s ‘F-capped’, meaning insulation can be fitted against the loft cone, as well as above it. When Using the loft cone, a continuous airtight and thermal envelope is maintained, increasing the building space heating efficiency and reducing the risk of surface condensation.  

Recessed downlights represent a potential fire hazard, caused by heat loss and surface condensation. A recessed light is required to be installed with minimum distances from insulation, creating cold bridges in the thermal envelope. This can also result in surface condensation as the warm, moist, internal air will condense on the cold, uninsulated surface. The downlight is also likely to cause air leakage.


  • F-Capped Flanged Fire Hood 30 minutes fire rated,
  • Tested for 50-Watt lamps,
  • Thermal test BS EN 60598 Section 12.4 and BS 476 Part 20,
  • IP6X dust tight,
  • Easily fitted – simply drop over light fitting and seal with mastic to form vapour seal,
  • Save energy by limiting heat loss into loft space,
  • Allows continuous insulation over lights,
  • Fully tested to prevent overheating,
  • Reduces fire risk by keeping combustibles away from hot downlight,
  • Rigid and capable of supporting loft insulation away from light fitting,
  • Greendeal Compliant,
  • PAS 2030 Compliant,
  • Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes (EEPN) Compliant,
  • CITB – Construction Skills: General requirements and guidance for the installation of loft insulation – Compliant.
Material:  Mineral Fibre
Bulb Power: 50W Max
Fire Rating:  30 minutes
Accessories: Intumescent sealant
Vapour & Air Tight: Yes
Specification:  Thermal test BS EN 60598 Section 12.4 and BS 476 Part 20.


  • Prior to fitting, ensure that electrical wiring and components meet and are fitted to current standards, e.g; BS 7671 and/or IEC 60364. Check that all components are suitable to be covered and/or enclosed.
  • Turn off power at the meter, before working with electrical equipment. Clear the area around the downlight and clean any dust or dirt from the ceiling lining (plasterboard / air-tight membrane).
  • Apply a suitable primer around cone base (if required) which will be bonded to the substrate, allow dry.
  • Apply an intumescent sealant to the cone base.
  • Feed wires through the top of the cone and seal with sealant.
  • Fit the cone onto the substrate.
  • Allow sealant to dry before any further work is done around the cone.
  • Fit insulation where desired, including against and on top loft cone.
Part Number: External Size: Internal Size: Box Quantities: Barcode:
AR9046A 240x180mm 200X150mm 1 5090461904615