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Ecocel Cellulose Insulation is the first choice cellulose fiber insulation product for walls, floors, lofts and roofs.

The raw material of cellulose insulation is almost 100% recycled newspaper, shredded, milled and impregnated with mineral additives. Ecocel is unattractive to vermin and small organisms and is resistant to mould and mildew. Mineral fire retardants added to Ecocel Cellulose Insulation, provide excellent reaction to fire performance. With this unique production technology Ecocel not only has superior performance in thermal and sound insulation, but also long-term efficacy and durability. Guaranteed installation by trained professional and certified companies.


  • Environmentally responsible and environmentally safe: made from recycled newspapers, no known associated health risks for humans and their pets.
  • Superior thermal insulator: reduces air leakage and convective heat loss.
  • Achieves an airtight building envelope, protecting against air infiltration.
  • Easily fills cavities and hard-to-reach places that are difficult to insulate with traditional insulation.
  • Maintains its specified R-value over a wide range of densities and temperatures.
  • Proven as a cost-effective solution with results that stand the test of time.
  • Suitable for new construction or retrofits.
  • Has a high thermal mass (decrement delay), which prevents over heating in the summer.
  • Excellent acoustic insulation properties.




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Technical Details

Tests are conducted to ensure product compliance 
and examples include:

  • Smouldering Resistance Test.
  • Flammability Test.
  • Vibration settlement Test.
  • Settlement Tests.

These tests are referred to specifically in BS5803:1985, Parts 3 and 4.

All U-values are calculated to allow for thermal bridging using the proportional area method.

Assumed Roof Construction
10mm tiles on battens, felt, loft space, 100x38mm joists on 600mm centres with
ecocel over and between, 10mm plasterboard.

Settled U-value:                        93mm      109mm      132mm      164mm      217mm
Thickness mm W/m2K:             0.35         0.30           0.25          0.20          0.15

Product Characteristics/Specifications

  • Natural insulation designed to minimize energy loss more effectively than mineral fibres,
  • Blown into walls, roofs and floors it creates a continuous draughtproof layer with excellent thermal and acoustic properties. It helps create a comfortable living environment free from HCFC’s, VOC’s or other toxic substances,
  • Made from discarded newspaper, a major component of the waste stream, easing pressure on landfill sites and putting to good use an other wise wasted resource,
  • Uses borate based fire retardants which have less toxicity than common salt, provides a high level of fire resistance and enables ecocel to easily meet all fire protection standards (tested to BS5803) and in effect to act as a fire stop,
  • Has an impressive thermal conductivity value of 0.038 W/Mk at a density of 26.7 kg/m3, which remains stable over a wide range of temperatures. However the real world performance is further enhanced by its superior resistance to air infiltration resulting in a 25% overall improvement in energy efficiency,
  • Components are non toxic, non irritant and environmentally benign. It also requires relatively little energy in production and does not pollute water, air or soil. It can easily be removed and reused, and can ultimately be returned to the earth (i.e. composted),
  • Has no deleterious effect on PVC covered electrical wiring and does not contain any constituents that cause corrosion of metallic surfaces,
  • Blown by trained personnel into walls and ceilings using a pressurized installation system which ensures complete filling of cavities to the correct density.

Health and Safety
Ecocel is a non-irritant and non-hazardous product. However due to potential dust in and around the work area – it is recommended that a facemask is worn when working in confined areas.



It is recommended that the product is installed according the standards laid down in BS5803:

  • Product should not be used where ambient temperatures are consistently above 65C,
  • All installing should be in accordance with BS5803,
  • Keep clear of all flues, lights, ducting etc. Avoid water saturation.

Horizontal Loft Spaces

  • Maximum % settlement should be 5.30%,
  • Average density installed 24kg/m3 settled 25kg/m3,
  • Thermal Conductivity 0.035W/mK at settled density.



The product is marked as follows:

  • This product conforms to BS5803,
  • Product conforms to IAB (certification),
  • Product brand name ‘ecocel’,
  • Product description ‘cellulose insulation’,
  • Pack weight 15.0 kg.