Passive House Systems Joins Green Register

The Green Register is an independent, self-funded and not-for-profit organisation whose principal goal is to promote sustainable building practices across all disciplines of the construction industry. green register

Launched in October 2000, The Green Register was initiated by Lucy Pedler’s architectural practice archipeleco, who wanted to create a network of like-minded construction professionals across the borough of Southwark, London. The Register was given start-up funding and support by Southwark Building Control and Sustainable Energy Action, and very rapidly expanded from a local list of architects and engineers to a nationwide network of construction professionals, tradespeople and supporting Local Authorities.

In October 2005 The Green Register became entirely self-supporting when the office moved from London to Bristol, and membership continues to grow. 

The Green Register runs the two-day introductory ‘Sustainable Building and Services’ course at locations throughout the UK – this was the first course of its kind to launch in the UK. TGR also organises a wide range of seminars and training events and in-house CPD sessions on a variety of cutting-edge sustainable construction topics.

The Green Register can provide in-house CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions for a wide variety of small and large organisations, ranging from general overviews of sustainable construction topics through to specifically tailored sessions. Organisations we have provided CPD sessions to include entire RIBA regions, PRP Architects and a series of fourteen bespoke sessions for Stride Treglown offices around the country.