Passive House Airtightness System

Passive House Systems are proud to announce Our own branded Passive House Airtightness System.

We’re now presenting our complete internal Passive House Airtightness System. We offer Airtight VCL membranes, Adhesive sealant, Universal joining tape and a series of Split release tapes.

passive house airtightness system

Our PHS Airtight Vapour control membranes are CE certified and conform to BS EN 13984 (vapour control layers). PHS Airtight Tapes – adhesion tested in accordance to the test standard of DIN EN ISO 11339, outlined in EnEV (DIN 4108/11). They meet the strict requirements of EnEV (DIN 4108/7).

Our system allows for airtight and vapour control layer installation to conform to BS EN 9250 (design of the airtightness of ceilings in pitched roofs) and to BS EN 5250 (control of condensation in buildings).

All of our products have the appropriate documentation, such as declaration of performances and Technical Datasheets.

Our German manufactured products offer a superior permanent tack and increased resistant to tearing.

The PHS range of products is always being improved to surpass modern airtightness requirements. We are constantly researching and developing products to remain on the forefront of airtight product technologies. We’re very proud to offer a premium range for a very competitive price.