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Sustainability Through Excellence



To be the best supplier of high quality and innovative products which will reduce our environmental impact, reduce our carbon fuels dependency and improve our living conditions & wellbeing – long into the future.




1) Reliability


When you place an order with Passive House Systems, you are assured we will do our best to achieve a timely delivery, the product(s) are well presented, and will perform as you expect it to.

We aim to offer complete satisfaction from the first contact to final delivery of material, by:

· Providing the best available advice for correct product selection and application.

· Ensuring we have robust supply chains for all our products.

· By operating a quality management system based on “right first time”.

· By the commitment of all our staff to exceed our customer’s expectations.


2) Value for Money


We are continually improving our products so that we give our customers the best value and technology we can. As an independent producer, we use the very best (European) suppliers.

We work closely with our customers to understand and achieve their needs, commercially and technically. We aim to provide:

· Flexible & rapid supply.

· Transparent costs.

· Market-leading cost-benefits.

· Product choice un-rivaled by our competitors

· Free expert support, before and after-sales.


3) The best Technical Customer support


We are committed to providing the best technical customer support in the industry. We achieve this through the following

· Fast response to queries.

· Testing of our products under various application scenarios.

· Continuous staff development.

· Continuous supplier engagement and product development.

· Technical advice based on in-depth technical knowledge




1) Honesty, integrity, transparency


Our business relationships are based on trust and understanding between ourselves, our suppliers, and our customers. We are confident of our products and capabilities because we continually test and improve all of them. Like you, we want to sleep at night – so we will always be honest with you.

2) Putting our customers first


We can only succeed if existing and new customers trust us with their business. We will work as hard as we can to build and maintain this trust, we will always listen carefully to our customers, and we will try to see issues and opportunities from your point of view. All of our people will give their personal support to you.


3) Trust and Respect for people


The ideas, efforts, and diligence of everyone at Passive House Systems makes us what we are. We try to provide an environment that encourages our people to be ambitious and to take responsibility. We provide training to help our people develop their skills and aptitudes. We believe that enthusiastic motivated and challenged people will be happy in their work and will deliver great results for us and for you.