Phonotherm InsulationProper insulation provides the reduction of heat transfer between objects in thermal contact or in range of radiative influence. You can achieve it with specially engineered materials. Phonotherm 200 and Ecocel (Manufactured from 100% recycled newspaper with fire-retardant salts) have many applications and excellent acoustic properties.

Our insulation is used, among other, for:

- partitions in wet and damp rooms, as concealed edges or edge bands for doors for wet and damp rooms,
- window finishing profiles,
- roller shutter boxes,
- working boards in kitchen,
- facade construction,
- spacers,
- decoupling plates in buildings and in vehicles (e.g. to prevent thermal bridges).

With this unique production technologies, our products represent long-term efficacy and durability. Achieve a tight building envelope and protect it against air infiltration. CONTACT US  for a an Audit and check our Low Energy Insulation products range.