About Gerband

Gerband is producing different kinds of Gerband Adhesive Tapes and was founded in 1961, in Wiesbaden, Germany.
Product portfolio expansion started in 1970s – a development of wide range coating, converting, laminating, and printing technologies. After all Gerband relocated to Noerdlingen and begun the construction of current site.

Since then they are producing:

– water-based polyacrylate adhesives and Gerband adhesive tapes,
– butyl-rubber adhesives and butyl tapes,
– water-based polyacrylate sealants.

Facts & Figures:Gerband Adhesive Tapes

– Gerlinger Group currently consists of three companies,
– 240 employees in the group,
– Approx. 15% of staff employed in R&D,
– ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified,
– Subsidiary is ISO TS 16949 certified,
– Committed to various associations, especially in the building industry.