About Bosig

BOSIG Group is consequently developing and manufacturing innovative Bosig airtight products and solutions for trade and the construction industry.
It is a family owned business, founded in Germany more than 35 years ago, headquartered in the Bavarian town of Gingen.

As a result Specialist Bosig Airtight Products include especially:bosig

– Window and Facade Sealing Systems,
– Roofing Components,
– Acoustics,
– Tiling Systems,
– Repair and Sealing Strips,
– Industrial Engineering.

Their motto is to ”use energy selectively and economically and keep waste and emissions with an environmental impact to a minimum by mandating appropriate technical and organisational measures.”

Furthermore – preserving natural environment and resources for future generations is a primary concern of the company. The responsibility for environmental protection therefore rests directly with the management of the company.