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Hold on tight while considering airtightness for your next building project!

You might have already heard about airtightness, which is another essential element to think about when it comes to constructing an energetically more efficient house. Oftentimes overlooked and usually miscomprehended as it is believed to create a hermetically sealed dwelling, airtightness tapes and membranes focus on elimination of all unintended cracks, holes, and splits where air can move into and out of the building.

As a building must be allowed to breathe to a certain extent, airtightness is there to help to balance out the air leakage, so that it is reduced to a minimum. You can picture it as a sort of an indispensable clothing for your home which is suitable all year round: dressed tightly, warm air will not leak out in the winter and cool air will not leak out in the summer.

A crucial benchmark to be met when planning to achieve an effective air permeability is the level of airtightness, as determined by airtightness testing. The aim of this test is to eliminate uncontrolled air movement both into and out of a building. New building regulations require that all new houses meet a certain level of airtightness, and this is where we can help you as well by conducting the testing and supplying the required certification.

At Passive House Systems we are involved in airtightness in new build and renovations since 2008. Our products are European manufactured and are designed to achieve high levels of air and wind tightness in buildings while also providing you with a barrier against condensation and mould growth.

A proper level of airtightness can bring benefits to your home, such as cleaner air, free from outdoor pollutants. Furthermore, airtightness protects the whole construction against damage stemming from moisture or other external factors. Carefully selected sealing system of this type also allows for a heat loss reduction. Therefore, it you are thinking about enhancing general energy efficiency in your home, airtightness can be something worth investing in.