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The current situation is such that every household needs to use energy to either keep themselves cool on hot summer days or warm on cold nights. As a result, we are consuming energy more than ever. The statistics say that buildings consume over 40% of the energy produced which is quite high. 80% of the energy produced comes from non-renewable sources such as oil, coal and gas. It is almost impossible to stop climate change but you can regulate it inside your home. Most homes experience 40% of heat loss through cracks and gaps in the building such as walls, windows, floor and roof. If the same is happening in your home, you are consuming more energy and a great financial cost. This is why airtightness is vital as it leads to energy efficiency and better indoor air quality. If you wish to save on your rising energy bills and also decrease the production of harmful greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change, then it is time to get an airtight membrane installed in your house or any other building.

What is Airtight Membrane?

Airtight membranes assist in preventing unwanted air infiltration (draughts) and heat loss. However, its real task lies in the protection of the timber structure of your building against elements like condensation. Warm and humid room air in the winters can cause a lot of harm to the areas where timber is used. If you reach out to a professional for this particular task, you will realize that many calls and specify airtightness membranes as vapour control layers. They are further installed on the warm side of the building shell.

Benefits of An Airtight House!

Many builders don’t realize that airtight construction can help them save a lot of money in the long run by cutting down energy consumption costs. The comfort of living also elevates while making the building last longer. There are many more benefits associated with airtight building, some of which are as follows.

  • It saves energy and heating costs that can make a substantial difference to your overall monthly financial spending.
  • When energy and heating reduce, so does the CO2 emission.
  • Structure damages a lot when there is mould and can cause health issues as well if it’s hidden and undetectable. When the house is lined with an airtight membrane, it reduces the chances of hidden mould developing.
  • An airtight structure ensures no draught in living spaces.
  • Indoor air quality enhances as dust, pollen, odours stays outside and fewer pollutants from outside enter the building.
  • If your building is equipped with ventilation systems, an airtight membrane helps them to work better.
  • You enjoy better sound insulation that was hard to achieve earlier.
  • Your building will act as a barrier against gas and smoke in case of fire.

The moment your building will get airtight, you will notice a considerable change in the level of comfort and also be astonished when you will receive your next energy bill.