PHS Primer

£17.04 inc. vat (RRP)


Adhesive PHS Primer is a dispersion-based polyacrylate.

PHS Primer is a low to medium viscosity prime coat. Designed to prepare rough and sandy application surfaces for airtightness tape adhesion.

  • Ideal for: wooden construction materials, masonry and concrete,
  • Easy and even to apply,
  • Quick-drying.


  • White.


  • Apply PHS Primer on the surface to be bonded,
  • Let the primer dry well for further processing – the surface of the applied primer should feel mostly dry,
  • Apply several times on difficult substrates, if necessary, and allow to dry well each time,
  • Apply the adhesive tape on the treated surface and press firmly at once. Finally – please observe the instructions for use of the respective adhesive tape.

Experiential consumption value (per 1kg)

  • Stone/concrete approx 12m²,
  • Fire boards approx 6m².



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