Loft Stairs – Insulated & Air Tight


The Passive House Systems Timber Folding Loft Stairs – A superior stairs complete with spring counterbalance mechanism for delightfully easy operation. A real winner when it comes to the prevention of heat loss with it’s 80mm or 133mm insulation and air impermeable seals.

– Top quality Pine Folding Loft Stairs, with deep, non-slip treads and plastic feet for extra stability.
– Supplied complete with a new white faced hatch, lining and ladder for quick and easy installation.
– No storage space needed in the loft as stairs stores completely on hatch.
– Effortless counterbalance operation.
– Supplied with an 2-point lock and long reach operating pole for ease of use.
– Hidden trapdoor hinges are an added feature.
– Quality accessories available.
– Fire rated hatches are also available.
– Includes an air tightness kit between loft door frame and ceiling.

Technical Details

                                                         Polar Extreme Plus                Polar Extreme  

Insulation Thickness                          133mm                                   80mm  
Certification                                        DIN EN 14975:2007  
Tested U-value STANDARD                0.40W / m2K                          0.59W / m2K  
Tested U-value with ISO–top            0,32W / m2K                          0.37W / m2K  
Airtightness Level                              class 4 (EN 1026), i.e. Q100 < 0.1m³/hr.m2  
Locking Mechanism                            2-point with seal compression.  
Aesthetics                                            A white lid finish  
Construction Type                             
Particularly strong step, 27mm with dovetail joints  
Hand Rail Safety                                 As Standard when >540mm width  
Load bearing Capacity                       150kg  
119xlong x 590 wide x 275 max. ceiling height  
Optional Extras                                 
 – ISO Top lid with 80mm extra insulation (50cm high),
– loft guard rail.


Extreme Loft Stairs: 
     1190mmX590mm 2800mm
                                       1130mmX540mm 2750mm

Top Loft Stairs:               1190mmX590mm 2800mm

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