Felt Collars – PHS Airtight Grommets

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Airtight Grommets offer a permanent strain relief and a perfect sealing of all installation passages of your house.

Poorly finished penetrations in the airtight membrane and the vapor control layer can lead to rapid damage of the adjoining building elements and an unnecessary loss of heat and energy via the building envelope. Airtight Grommets not only reduce the heat loss of your house, but also save heat energy and prevent damage due to humidity.

What makes Airtight Grommets so special?
The various laminations and diameters allow you to seal installation passages individually according to your special needs. The felt collars consist of flexible EPDM-rubber bonded with a self-adhesive pad, carrier material (base) Tyvek with an age resistent layer of acrylate adhesive.

Important notes

  • The sleeves are delivered talc powdered. If there is insufficient gliding ability, please use the provided talc powder, in order to rework the inner sleeve or the cable.
  • The self-adhesive acrylate sleeves are safe and permanently moisture-proof. They are also suitable for gas barriers. Adhesive surfaces include wood fibreboards, OSB-boards, vapour barriers or vapour locks and sarking membrane.
  • Finally – you should pre-treat some surfaces with Gerband 6300 Airtight Primer. The surfaces must be dust-free and free of grease as well as dry and stable.

Technical Details

Shelf life / storage:          
              Cool and Dry
Application Temperature:              Above -5
Temperature resistance:               -20 to 100C
UV resistance spout:                      Excellent
UV resistance adhesive collar:       Excellent
Adhesive:                                        Reinacrylat
Coating:                                          Tyvec
Adhesive strength:                         >35 / N25mm
Tear strength:                                 >150 / N25mm



  • The surfaces must be dust-free and free of grease as well as dry and stable.
  • Ensure there is a tight fit between the EPDM sleeve and the service carrier.
  • The Tyvek self-adhesive surface liner should be removed and the felt collar fitted to the substrate.


Collar type:  
                                      D1                      GD22                   RGD50

Number of bushings:                         1 line cuff            1 line cuff             1 line cuff
Dimensions of adhesive collar:         150 x 150mm       150 x 150mm       230 x 230mm
External diameter:                            4mm to 8mm        25mm to 32mm   50mm to 70mm
Number Per Box:                               10 pieces             10 pieces             4 pieces


Collar type:                                          RGD100               FRGD100              RGD125
Number of bushings:                          1 line cuff             1 line cuff             1 line cuff
Dimensions of adhesive collar:         320 x 320mm        350 x 350mm       230 x 230mm
External diameter:                            100 to 110mm       100 to 125mm      125 to 135 mm
Number Per Box:                                10 pieces               4 pieces                4 pieces


*Please allow 3-4 working days for delivery.